List of Speakers (in no particular order).  Click on links for available presentations converted to PDF:

  • Bill Burgos, Penn State University, “Defining manganese(II) removal processes in passive coal mine drainage treatment systems through laboratory incubation experiments”
  • Colin Lennox, EcoIslands LLC, “AMD BioHaven Study”
  • Dennis Palladino, PA DEP BAMR, “City of Pittston Subsidence Study” – Dennis M. Palladino, PE, is a Mining Engineer with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Wilkes-Barre District Office. He works as a design engineer with twenty three years of experience in designing mine reclamation projects, including wetland design, stream restoration and mine subsidence stabilization. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. Dennis will be speaking on data collecting and interpretation of mine subsidence prone areas inside the City of Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
  • Robert Hughes and Michael Hewitt, EPCAMR, “3D modeling aspects of minepools” – Mr. Hughes has been the Executive Director for the Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) since 1997. Mr. Hughes has worked with numerous planning committee partners to coordinate and co-host 12 Annual State-wide Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Abandoned Mine Drainage Remediation ( This effort started with an Anthracite Region Conference on AMD in 1996 to bring many partners together to address PA’s number one “non-point” source of pollution. – Mr. Hewitt has been the Program Manager for EPCAMR since 2002. Michael coordinates projects, on a regional level, with nearly 45 community watershed organizations consisting of local volunteers and community leaders interested in restoring abandoned mine lands and remediating streams impacted by abandoned mine drainage. Michael provides technical grant writing assistance, project oversight, water monitoring training and educational outreach to groups and schools in the EPCAMR Region. Michael is the webmaster of & (EPCAMR’s Websites). EPCAMR serves as the liaison between the state (PA DEP), federal (EPA and OSM), local government agencies and non-profit (watershed groups) to support the reclamation, redevelopment, and remediation of abandoned mine lands and watersheds impacted by AMD in Northeastern PA.
  • Anne Daymut, WPCAMR, “Challenges in permitting issues for AMD treatment systems”
  • Brad Shultz, Skelly and Loy, “Enlisting Township help in AMD treatment systems” – Bradley R. Shultz, E.I.T., is a Senior Acid Rock Drainage Specialist with Skelly and Loy, Inc. Engineering & Environmental Consultants in Harrisburg, PA. Mr. Shultz has focused his experience at Skelly and Loy on the design of both passive and semi-active AMD/ARD treatment systems, which have included numerous projects in the Appalachian Region including Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Additional experiences have included grant application technical assistance, the use of geochemical modeling (Geochemist Workbench) for troubleshooting existing systems and designing new AMD treatment systems, field water quality and flow measurements, laboratory bench-scale evaluations of innovative treatment technologies, AMD/ARD sludge management systems, mine reclamation design and permitting, development and performance of OM&R plans, and construction inspection.
  • Alaina Asbury and Katie Coulter, Appalachia Coal Country Team, “Toolkit for Working with Rural Volunteers” – Alaina Asbury is the OSM/VISTA Reforestation Coordinator for the Appalachian Coal Country Team (ACCT). She joined the ACCT in the support office located in Beckley, WV last November. Alaina coordinates six reforestation projects supported by the Appalachian Regional Commission, twelve reforestation projects taking part in the Groasis Waterboxx research effort, and National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Teams. She is a native Appalachian from Belfast, Virginia with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Health from East Tennessee State University located in Johnson City, TN. – Katie Coulter is from Homer Glen, Illinois, near Chicago. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Hope College in International Studies and French and a Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2008 and 2009, she served as an OSM/VISTA watershed coordinator for the Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance in Shamokin, PA and currently serves as the OSM/VISTA Leader for the Northern Coalfields of Appalachia for ACCT, corrdinating trainings for current team members, recruiting OSM/VISTA members and new OSM/VISTA host sites in communities across Appalachia.
  • Dennis Dunham, Cellular Concrete Solutions, “Engineered Pumpable pHOAMTM:  An Innovative Method Mitigating AMD/ARD” – Dennis Dunham is Vice President of Mining Applications for Cellular Concrete Solutions, focusing on surfactant foam applications for lightweight materials, backfill, fine materials transport and ARD remediation. A Penn State graduate in mining engineering, he has more than twenty five years of mining experience in underground operations and technology, including ten years in reclamation. Presently living in Duluth, MN, he is a registered professional engineer in Minnesota and Michigan.
  • Bob Onyshko, Harsco Minerals, “What Mineral CSA Can do for You”Bob Onyshko has been working with Harsco Minerals for 1 year. He has a M.S. Degree from Carlow University in Training and Development. Bob also has a B.S. Degree in Secondary Education from Duquesne University. He has designed and facilitated a number of credited classes for the American Institute of Architects and is a certified trained for these programs. Bob is actively involved in the testing of Harsco Mineral CSA and its’ uses in the reclamation and treating of acidic soils and water.

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